Are you planning a summer vacation in Europe? The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast is always a great idea, as it is full of adventure, history, and relaxing activities. The seaside is famous for its finest sand and a variety of resorts for every taste. The Bulgarian Black Sea hosts the most preserved shipwreck in the world due to the lack of oxygen at its sea bottom The ancient Greeks called the Black Sea the Inhospitable Sea as it was difficult

Nvision Travel participates for the first time with a stand at WTM in London, 7-9 November 2022. Having visited the show as visitors, Albena and Cvetelina decide to participate more actively in advertising Bulgaria on the English-speaking market in 2022. Specialized in private culture tours, they decide to cheer the visitors and their partners with delicious and authentic products from Bulgaria. Thus, Gabrovo pestil, Gamza wine from Borovitza winery is tasted at their stand and everyone leaves with a hand-made

Lutenitsa, also spelled lyutenitsa, is a delicious vegetable spread, also referred to as Bulgarian ketchup. It is made of roasted red peppers, ripe tomatoes and seasonings. The name lutenica comes from the Bulgarian word ljut which means spicy. The red peppers are among the main ingredients of lutenitsa and they give its red color. The name of the dip comes from the spicy peppers. As a result, you will find some versions that are spicy and others mild, based on the

The team of Nvision Travel is delighted to announce that we join Momondo. We are eager to welcome travelers from Sweden, Denmark and Germany and we will do our best that you have authentic and memorable experience in Bulgaria. You could check out Momondo’s Sofia Travel guide for some travel inspiration here:        

Bulgaria is maybe on your travel bucket list for 2022 with it beautiful nature and hidden gems? You can check out our tours and contact us at for customizing your private tour in Sofia and Bulgaria. We will inform you about any local regulation changes asap before your arrival via email or zoom meeting while creating your memorable travel experience in Bulgaria. The government will not extend the state of the emergency epidemic situation in Bulgaria after March 31. This means that as

Our Travel Gift card will make you dream about traveling while staying at home. Get a Gift card for travel experience in Bulgaria with Beni and Betty to support us to continue doing what we love and celebrate Bulgaria easing its travel restrictions as of 1 June 2020. In turbulent times we cherish support the most. We hope you all stay healthy and we meet soon on the road again. In the meantime take a look of the options and choose your

The social initiatives that we support and you as well by booking our tours. We humans are social beings and in order to be happy it is not enough to take care only of ourselves and our dreams. Being part of the society around us and by helping others, this way we help ourselves to live in a community, where people are happy and enjoy life every day. Traveling around Bulgaria gives us the opportunity to meet people, to understand

The town of Vidin via the eyes of Albena Tsankova: local tour guide, storyteller and photographer © Today I would like to bring you on a trip off the beaten path. Where are we going? To my home area. The region is Northwestern Bulgaria and more specific the town of Vidin. Put your seat belt and let’s go! We have a lot to see and experience in the countryside of Bulgaria. To begin with we will go via the parts

Baba Marta (Grandma Marta) is a tradition celebrated in Bulgaria and in some of the neighboring countries. Each year on 1 March we give each other (to your family, friends, colleagues, home, pet etc) a martenitsa, a red and white wrist band or small doll to put on your chest. This way we wish each other good health, joy and long life. The most famous martenitsa is a couple of a boy and a girl called Pizho and Penda. The

What would you say about 10 years of traveling? Nvision travel turned 10 on 15 August 2018. It is not easy to share all our experiences and lessons during the last busy, challenging, happy and difficult 10 traveling years but we have some advice, which we believe is important for every small travel business. The support, which we got from our family, friends, travelers (for us you are not just clients), partners, is one of the main pieces of the