Wine Tourism in Bulgaria

Welcome to Bulgaria, a land of exceptional wines and rich wine-making traditions. The country’s diverse terroir and favorable climate have resulted in a wide range of high-quality grape varieties and unique wine styles, making it an ideal destination for wine tourism.

Experience the wine-making process by visiting the numerous vineyards and boutique wineries located throughout the country. Learn about the different grape varieties, the art of wine-making and indulge in delicious wine tastings. From the full-bodied red wines of the Thracian Valley to the aromatic white wines of the Danube Plain, Bulgaria has a wine to suit every palate.

Discover Bulgaria’s rich wine culture, which dates back to ancient times, and explore the numerous wine festivals and events that take place throughout the year. Taste delicious local cuisine, including traditional Bulgarian dishes that are perfectly paired with Bulgarian finest wines.

Come, let us take you on a memorable wine tour of Bulgaria, where you can experience the beautiful nature, rich culture and help us support the local community in our home area.

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Wein- & Genussreisen nach Bulgarien

Probieren Sie die Weine in Bulgarien. Begleiten Sie und auf einer Weintour, erkunden Sie Boutique-Weingüter und Weinberge, genieβen Sie die wunderschöne Natur und unterstützen Sie die lokale Gemeinschaft.