Are you planning a summer vacation in Europe? The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast is always a great idea, as it is full of adventure, history, and relaxing activities. The seaside is famous for its finest sand and a variety of resorts for every taste.

The Bulgarian Black Sea hosts the most preserved shipwreck in the world due to the lack of oxygen at its sea bottom

The ancient Greeks called the Black Sea the Inhospitable Sea as it was difficult to navigate. The medieval Silk Road used to pass via the sea, connecting Europe via the Caucasus and Central Asia with China.

Black Sea

The Black Sea is also called black as below 150m down to the sea bottom there is no oxygen and living organisms. An international expedition found 65 shipwrecks sunken to the sea bottom. Among them, there is an ancient Greek ship, loaded with amphoras. Due to the lack of oxygen, this Burgas shipwreck is the most preserved sunken ship in the world – dating from 400 BC.

Pomorie lye and healing mud – beauty and long life

Another unique site at the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast is Pomorie. The healing power of Pomorie lye and mud has been popular since the Middle Ages. They are formed after the evaporation of the sea salt to a certain concentration. They are rich in magnesium salts and different microflora, unique for our salt lakes. The lye and mud treatment relieves pain in the joints and muscles. It is also suitable for fractures, neurological problems and etc.

You can experience the treatment with Pomorie lye and mud in the area of the Museum of Salt in Pomorie. Close to the museum you can buy local cosmetics including lye as ingredient. Alternatively, you can book a hotel with a spa center, where they offer such a spa treatment.

Enjoy our video about Pomorie with Betty.

The Mystery of Varna gold – the oldest gold in the world and the first European civilization

Varna Archaeological Museum in Bulgaria hosts the oldest gold treasure and jewelry in the world, dating from 4,600 BC to 4,200 BC. The treasure was found at the Varna Necropolis and due to it Varna culture is considered to be the first European civilization.

The Varna gold has been touring the world. So far it has been exhibited in Japan, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Israel, and many other countries. You can visit the Museum in the summer every day, 10:00-17:00. And it will take at least one hour to see the exhibitions inside.

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Nvision Travel participates for the first time with a stand at WTM in London, 7-9 November 2022. Having visited the show as visitors, Albena and Cvetelina decide to participate more actively in advertising Bulgaria on the English-speaking market in 2022.

Specialized in private culture tours, they decide to cheer the visitors and their partners with deliciousWTM and authentic products from Bulgaria. Thus, Gabrovo pestil, Gamza wine from Borovitza winery is tasted at their stand and everyone leaves with a hand-made bookmark with embroidery saying Bulgaria with a beautiful rose. Priority is the personal service to every single person, the emotion which will be remembered after the guest goes home.

Having graduated Tourism in Bulgaria and the Netherlands, Albena and Cvetelina gain experience in boutique tour operators in Bulgaria and Germany and in 2008 they head in a new direction. Nvision Travel designs individual culture and adventure trips at various themes and specialized field trips for universities. In 2009 for the first time, they launch Bulgaria Communism Tours on the Bulgarian market and since 2015 they include Buzludzha in their trips, meeting their guests’ interest. During all that time the wine tourism is included in their programs and in the last few years they devote to support the wineries in their home area Belogradchik and Vidin as well. Licensed English and German speaking tour guides, they care for the personal interaction with the clients and they manage to become friends.


In London they present all of their special interest travel experiences but they go with the intention that everyone at the stand foremost represents Bulgaria. This feeling for togetherness is important in order all colleagues from the travel industry to look in the same direction.

There has been huge interest to Bulgaria at their stand and they are grateful to Nikolay and his colleagues for having served banitsa, tikvenik, Bulgarian yellow cheese and having taken care of supporting the exhibitors during the meetings with guests from all over the world: Australia, USA, Canada, Great Britain, South Korea, India, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Europe etc.

They admit, though, that the most frequent question to them is What could Bulgaria offer in addition to sea and ski holiday? That makes more difficult choosing Bulgaria as travel destination and leads to much more efforts and dedication on their side in order their partner to sell the destination. Almost everyone who stops at their stand is looking for loyal partners and personal service.


Their business cards are of handmade recycled paper, their partners notice that and the sustainability topic comes up. Sustainability in tourism in the conversations is focused on that the revenues to be directed to the small businesses where the foreign guests meet the owners and find out more about their daily routine. As well as the opportunity to plant a tree in order to compensate the carbon footprint.

The next travel fair, that Nvision Travel will participate in and you could support the marketing of Bulgaria with them, is the largest one in the world ITB Berlin in March 2023. For appointments at ITB Berlin: or LinkedIn.