Have you ever experienced Nabucco opera, One Thousand and One Nights ballet or Mamma mia musical in the open-air? In August 2024 there is a summer festival in Belogradchik, Bulgaria. The festival Opera of the Peaks” – Belogradchik Rocks is an innovative idea of the stage director Plamen Kartaloff, who decided to use as a setting the magical beauty of the Belogradchik rocks. Opera of the Peaks is waiting for us to experience enchanting performances in the open air and enjoy the magical Belogradchik rocks in the background.

Opera of the Peaks performances in Belogradchik fortress are on several dates in August 2024.

Sightseeing of Belogradchik rocks

In order to experience this part of authentic Bulgaria, you will need 2 days or more. Belogradchik rocks are on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. They were nominated to be listed among the 7 World Wonders of Nature as well. The rocks are located in a small ancient town that is also our birthplace in Northwestern Bulgaria. The site is full of legends and we are eager to share them with you.

Optional balloon ride above Belogradchik rocks on request.

Magura cave

Northwestern Bulgaria is famous also with Magura cave. Magura cave is one of the largest and most unique caves on the Balkans. It is located close to the town of Vidin. In 1984 the site was included in UNESCO’s tentative list of World Heritage.

According to geological studies, Magura Cave began to take shape about 15 million years ago. In one of the caverns, prehistoric drawings have been discovered, carved into the walls and decorated with bat guano. The drawings depict the silhouettes of women, men dancing and hunting, people wearing masks, animals, stars, tools and plants. They show society events that had occurred in ancient times in Magura cave: religious ceremonies, hunting scenes and images of Gods. The drawings date from different eras – the early Paleolithic, the Neolithic, the later Neolithic, and the beginning of the Bronze Age. Access to the hall with the drawings is restricted by UNESCO recommendation in an effort to preserve them. Nonetheless, Magura cave is worth visiting. The cave offers one of the richest collections of geological formations, of all shapes and sizes – stalactites, stalagmites, columns, Geodesic formations, cave pearls, and flows of “cave milk”.

Optinal wine tasting at a local winery on request. You will have a chance to taste the authentic local red wine called Gamza.

The next cave is Venetsa cave near Gara Oreshets village. It is open for visitors since June 2015. This place is a natural monument because of its exceptional colored formations and ice crystals. They look like flowers, animals and other figures. The cave is about 200 m long and consists of 5 halls. Visitors pass via few narrow parts and for shortly they need to walk leaning forward in the cave.

Kozarnika cave is situated 2 kms away from Gara Oreshets village. According to archaeologists, humans used to live there prior 1 600 000 years ago. Bulgarian archaeologists from the Bulgarian Academy of Science and French scientists from Bordeaux, France, found the oldest bones of animals that were raised by humans and here comes the hypothesis that the first Europeans used to live there.

In Gara Oreshets village there used to be a Landline factory and a Wood factory.

The town of Vidin: Baba Vida Fortress

Lastly, we will reach our natural border with Romania in Vidin. We will have a walk along the Danube River. Vidin’s main touristic sight is Baba Vida fortress. It dates to the period from the 10th to the 14th century. The fortress is located in a park on the bank of Danube river. Baba Vida is among the most preserved medieval fortification constructions in Bulgaria, which is why it is not accidentally often chosen as a set for shooting movies.

We used to live here until 18-year-old and we will be happy to show you our hometown. This part of Bulgaria is a hidden treasure of the country. Let’s explore it together.

Duration: 2 days
Destination: Belogradchik and Vidin, Northwestern Bulgaria
Departure location Pick up from your accommodation in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Departure Time 09:00
Arrival Time 20:00 (Drop off at your accommodation)
Licensed English/German speaking tour guide and driver
Transport and parking costs
Sightseeing of Belogradchik and Vidin
Accommodation at a 3 star hotel for one night Opera of the Peaks ticket
Not included
lunches and dinners
entrance fees for 2 caves and 2 fortresses: in total EUR 15 per person
When to visit: August 2024
Group size: from 1 up to 6 people
Extra information Please, wear comfortable shoes and jacket. In the caves it is colder and it might be slippery. The tour could be in English, German, Spanish and other languages.


Additional information

Duration2 days
Tour typeCulture, Heritage, Opera
Starting pointSofia


9.00 AM

Day 1: Pick up from your accommodation in Sofia. It will take us approx. 3 hours. 

12.00 PM

Arrival in Belogradchik and sightseeing of the Belogradchik rocks.

08.00 PM

Opera of the Peaks at the Belogradchik fortress. Overnight in Belogradchik or Vidin.

09.00 AM

Day 2: After breakfast departure to Magura cave.

10.00 AM

Visit to Magura cave.

11.00 AM

Departure to the town of Vidin, located on the Danube river.

12.00 PM

Arrival in Vidin. Sightseeing of Baba Vida fortress.

1.30 PM

Optional lunch. 

2.30 PM

Sightseeing of the center and free time.

3.00 PM

Departure to Sofia (approx. 4 hour drive).

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Opera of the Peaks
Opera of the Peaks
Opera of the Peaks
Belogradchik rocks
lunch in Vidin
Lunch on Danube river
Danube river is the second-longest river in Europe
Baba Vida
Baba Vida fortress
Baba Vida
Wine tasting at a local winery
Venetsa cave near Kozarnika cave
Magura cave
tour guide

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