Are you planning a summer vacation in Europe? The Bulgarian Black Sea Coast is always a great idea, as it is full of adventure, history, and relaxing activities. The seaside is famous for its finest sand and a variety of resorts for every taste.

The Bulgarian Black Sea hosts the most preserved shipwreck in the world due to the lack of oxygen at its sea bottom

The ancient Greeks called the Black Sea the Inhospitable Sea as it was difficult to navigate. The medieval Silk Road used to pass via the sea, connecting Europe via the Caucasus and Central Asia with China.

Black Sea

The Black Sea is also called black as below 150m down to the sea bottom there is no oxygen and living organisms. An international expedition found 65 shipwrecks sunken to the sea bottom. Among them, there is an ancient Greek ship, loaded with amphoras. Due to the lack of oxygen, this Burgas shipwreck is the most preserved sunken ship in the world – dating from 400 BC.

Pomorie lye and healing mud – beauty and long life

Another unique site at the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast is Pomorie. The healing power of Pomorie lye and mud has been popular since the Middle Ages. They are formed after the evaporation of the sea salt to a certain concentration. They are rich in magnesium salts and different microflora, unique for our salt lakes. The lye and mud treatment relieves pain in the joints and muscles. It is also suitable for fractures, neurological problems and etc.

You can experience the treatment with Pomorie lye and mud in the area of the Museum of Salt in Pomorie. Close to the museum you can buy local cosmetics including lye as ingredient. Alternatively, you can book a hotel with a spa center, where they offer such a spa treatment.

Enjoy our video about Pomorie with Betty.

The Mystery of Varna gold – the oldest gold in the world and the first European civilization

Varna Archaeological Museum in Bulgaria hosts the oldest gold treasure and jewelry in the world, dating from 4,600 BC to 4,200 BC. The treasure was found at the Varna Necropolis and due to it Varna culture is considered to be the first European civilization.

The Varna gold has been touring the world. So far it has been exhibited in Japan, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Israel, and many other countries. You can visit the Museum in the summer every day, 10:00-17:00. And it will take at least one hour to see the exhibitions inside.

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Nvision Travel participates for the first time with a stand at WTM in London, 7-9 November 2022. Having visited the show as visitors, Albena and Cvetelina decide to participate more actively in advertising Bulgaria on the English-speaking market in 2022.

Specialized in private culture tours, they decide to cheer the visitors and their partners with deliciousWTM and authentic products from Bulgaria. Thus, Gabrovo pestil, Gamza wine from Borovitza winery is tasted at their stand and everyone leaves with a hand-made bookmark with embroidery saying Bulgaria with a beautiful rose. Priority is the personal service to every single person, the emotion which will be remembered after the guest goes home.

Having graduated Tourism in Bulgaria and the Netherlands, Albena and Cvetelina gain experience in boutique tour operators in Bulgaria and Germany and in 2008 they head in a new direction. Nvision Travel designs individual culture and adventure trips at various themes and specialized field trips for universities. In 2009 for the first time, they launch Bulgaria Communism Tours on the Bulgarian market and since 2015 they include Buzludzha in their trips, meeting their guests’ interest. During all that time the wine tourism is included in their programs and in the last few years they devote to support the wineries in their home area Belogradchik and Vidin as well. Licensed English and German speaking tour guides, they care for the personal interaction with the clients and they manage to become friends.


In London they present all of their special interest travel experiences but they go with the intention that everyone at the stand foremost represents Bulgaria. This feeling for togetherness is important in order all colleagues from the travel industry to look in the same direction.

There has been huge interest to Bulgaria at their stand and they are grateful to Nikolay and his colleagues for having served banitsa, tikvenik, Bulgarian yellow cheese and having taken care of supporting the exhibitors during the meetings with guests from all over the world: Australia, USA, Canada, Great Britain, South Korea, India, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Europe etc.

They admit, though, that the most frequent question to them is What could Bulgaria offer in addition to sea and ski holiday? That makes more difficult choosing Bulgaria as travel destination and leads to much more efforts and dedication on their side in order their partner to sell the destination. Almost everyone who stops at their stand is looking for loyal partners and personal service.


Their business cards are of handmade recycled paper, their partners notice that and the sustainability topic comes up. Sustainability in tourism in the conversations is focused on that the revenues to be directed to the small businesses where the foreign guests meet the owners and find out more about their daily routine. As well as the opportunity to plant a tree in order to compensate the carbon footprint.

The next travel fair, that Nvision Travel will participate in and you could support the marketing of Bulgaria with them, is the largest one in the world ITB Berlin in March 2023. For appointments at ITB Berlin: or LinkedIn.

Lutenitsa, also spelled lyutenitsa, is a delicious vegetable spread, also referred to as Bulgarian ketchup. It is made of roasted red peppers, ripe tomatoes and seasonings.

The name lutenica comes from the Bulgarian word ljut which means spicy. The red peppers are among the main ingredients of lutenitsa and they give its red color. The name of the dip comes from the spicy peppers. As a result, you will find some versions that are spicy and others mild, based on the peppers and seasonings used.

This tasty dip is present in most households, not only in Bulgaria, but it is also pretty popular on the Balkans. Lutenitsa is most often associated with Bulgaria, whereas Ajvar is associated with Serbia and Macedonia. Lutenitsa is made with tomatoes while Ajvar does not include any tomatoes.


  • 3 kg red peppers (The peppers need to be more than the tomatoes)
  • 2 kg ripe tomatoes
  • Vegetable oil
  • Fresh parsley
  • Fresh garlic
  • Sugar according to your personal taste
  • Salt according to your personal taste


Wash and peel the tomatoes. Boil the tomatoes until water evaporates and stir with a wooden spoon. Roast the red peppers and if you want it spicy, add chili pepplutenitsaers as well. Peel the peppers and clean the seeds. Grind or cut in small pieces the peppers and add them to the tomatoes. Add some fresh garlic in small pieces, some fresh parsley, salt and a little bit of sugar according to your taste. For ripe pink tomatoes sugar will be not needed. The mixture keeps on boiling until it turns into a homogenic paste. Be patient, it can take from few hours up to one day. It is suitable for a family event, everyone to help. Usually, we get together to make lutenitsa in August, when we harvest ripe tomatoes.

The secret of our grandma Bonka’s recipe is that she pours sunflower oil into a frying pan to heat it up and she adds the oil to the vegetable mixture in the end.

From generations each family has their own lutenitsa recipe.

Once you are happy with the veggie mixture, fill it in jars. Close the jars and boil them for 5-10 min longer for the lid to seal. Then you take out and turn over the jars to cool down. Place it in a dark and possibly cold place for the winter.

LutenitsaIn Bulgaria lutenitsa is eaten as a side dish with grilled meat balls, with scrambled eggs or on a toast with cheese. It is childhood memory for all children from the 70 and 80s. When we used to visit grandma, a slice of bread with lutenitsa and cheese was top wanted food. 🙂 And if someone asks you how does it taste, you can reply in Bulgarian: Vkusno = вкусно (delicious).

Bon Appetit!

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The team of Nvision Travel is delighted to announce that we join Momondo. We are eager to welcome travelers from Sweden, Denmark and Germany and we will do our best that you have authentic and memorable experience in Bulgaria.

You could check out Momondo’s Sofia Travel guide for some travel inspiration here:





Bulgaria is maybe on your travel bucket list for 2022 with it beautiful nature and hidden gems? You can check out our tours and contact us at for customizing your private tour in Sofia and Bulgaria. We will inform you about any local regulation changes asap before your arrival via email or zoom meeting while creating your memorable travel experience in Bulgaria.

The government will not extend the state of the emergency epidemic situation in Bulgaria after March 31. This means that as of April 1, 2022, the following measures will be abolished:
– wearing a protective face mask in closed public places and public transport;
– observance of physical distance;
– restrictions on the number of persons who can visit indoor sites at the same time;
– restrictions on the implementation of face-to-face learning in higher education;
– ban on visits to hospitals and social services;
– the requirement for employers to allow in-person working, if possible, to not more than 50% of the staff.

There will be no different zones and conditions to enter the country. Everyone is welcome to visit Bulgaria and needs to show one of the following documents upon arrival:
• a valid EU digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate,
• a valid EU digital COVID-19 recovery certificate,
• a valid EU digital COVID certificate for conducted testing (a document showing a negative result from a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test conducted up to 72 hours before entry into the country or a negative result from a rapid antigen test conducted up to 48 hours before entry into the country from the date of sampling entered in the document),
• a similar or an equivalent document containing the same data as the EU digital COVID certificate (for vaccination/recovery/testing)

Plan wisely and travel safe in 2022. Thank you for your trust and interest in Bulgaria and our special interested tours.

Warm greetings,

Tsvetelina Tsankova  (Betty)

Your travel advisor & tour guide in Bulgaria

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As of 1 June 2020 Bulgaria is open for travelers coming from Andora, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and The Netherlands. 🙂 Say yes to travel!

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The social initiatives that we support and you as well by booking our tours.

We humans are social beings and in order to be happy it is not enough to take care only of ourselves and our dreams. Being part of the society around us and by helping others, this way we help ourselves to live in a community, where people are happy and enjoy life every day. Traveling around Bulgaria gives us the opportunity to meet people, to understand their problems and to face reality. Sometimes we help with a smile and a good word, sometimes with financial support or spending our free time to help a cause. Just being there gives the other people the strength to go forward and not give up.

  • We love animals

Our love for the animals comes from our grandfather Tsanko. He took care for his animals with so much love, gave them names and we had the feeling that they are part of the family. Living in an apartment in Sofia we cannot take care of a dog. But we love them and anytime when we have the chance we visit some of the dog shelters to walk/run with these big hearts. The queen at home is our cat Greta, which has more followers on Instagram then us. 🙂 And on the street in front of our entrance door 3 more cats are living. Each weekend you could join with us the walks in Animal Rescue Sofia as volunteers and if you wish, bring some dog treats. And if you stay longer in Bulgaria, you are always welcome to Street Hearts Bulgaria.

      ♥ Animal Rescue Sofia             ♥ Street Hearts Bulgaria near Dryanovo

do good

  • Do good to Kids and Orphans

Nearby Sofia there is the home of hieromonk Yoan. When we visited the place with tourists last year I found out he is also from our hometown Vidin. In the name of God he gave pledge to build an orphanage and to care for children. As of November 2016, in the houses in Novi han village and Yakimovo village there are 310 people living – 170 of which are children (from babies born here to children up to 18). The little children go to kindergarten and the older children go to school at Novi Han and Yakimovo – up to 8th class, Sofia city (the high schools) and in the Sofia Seminary.  Mothers in the home take care of the babies.

More you can learn from this website and support them too: St Nicaolas Orphanage & St Trinity Monastery.

In Bulgaria there are many children and families who need help and support. This topic is very long and we hope more and more people will be interested in providing better future for all children no matter of their ethnic group or religion. Because love doesn’t divide the souls. We are one.

do good

  • Teenovator: share your business experience with students

Since 2018 there is a project in Bulgaria to help the students to be entrepreneurs. The students from 10 and 11 grade are working with mentors who have experience in own private business and at the end they pitch their idea for own business in front of investors. There is moment in our life when we want to share all our skills and experience with the younger ones. We can imagine if we could be part of such project when we were in high school. Maybe this will motivate them to go in the direction they want and not what the parents and the society say. So Betty is part of Teenovator during the second year in Bulgaria 2019/2020 and is meeting once per week the students from 119 school in Sofia. And she is learning from them too. The energy which they give her motivates her too. You can follow the project here. If you want to support the project, you can do it here.

do good

  • Read more books

At home we don’t have television. This is on purpose. We use our laptop and mobile phones to watch and read what we are interested in. But we try to avoid the negative propaganda in the news which are spreading fear and not love and hope. Instead next to our bed we always have a book, even more then one. At the moment Betty is reading one for a trip in India (a real story) and Beni is fan of Agatha Christie. This is our escape from reality but also our way to develop our imagination, to widen our point of you and think outside the box, to learn something new.

Read, read, read.

do good

  • My traveling soul – traveling inside and meet your true self

Last year parallel with all trips to different destinations Betty is enjoying the most important one – self-knowledge. It started in 2012 and still continues. But since 2019 she is meeting small groups and is sharing her story, her personal experience with others to give them strength that they can do it too. This trip of transformation is very individual and every one of us chooses different lessons and experiences in life but the direction is one – to live with love and to give love and the best of us to the others. On this journey our guide is our intuition which helps us to live in harmony within and all around us. Just believe in yourself!

Have you ever thought about who you are? What you want to do and why? Why these people are in your life? There is no coincidence.

Bulgaria is a spiritual destination too. There are many places with pure energy which people believe can help you find peace and love in yourself, can heal your soul. There are a lot of phenomena, spiritual teachers born in Bulgaria too. Our mountains are mystical places where you can feel pure energy and connect with your highest self and listen to your intuition.

If you are interested in a customized trip: “My traveling soul” just send us an email: We will be happy to guide you. On this trip you cannot plan everything. The Universe will send us the right people to meet while traveling in Bulgaria. Just enjoy and believe that you are on the right place with the right people!

do good

  • Bulgarian artists and culture

When you contact us to customize your trip in Bulgaria we are always asking if you are interested in visiting Sofia opera and ballet or other cultural events during your stay. To be an artist in Bulgaria is not easy but we have many very talented ones. Some of them are worldwide known. Bulgaria has tradition in opera singing and if you visit Milan Scala you can see the portraits of the best Bulgarian singers who worked and performed there. It is always inspiration to feel the energy of such talents and enjoy the life performance. There are English subtitles for all performances in the National Opera and Ballet. In summertime they organize the events in the open air and the locations are some of the hidden gem destinations in Bulgaria – like Belogradchik fortress and Magura cave.

do good

What are your social causes which you support? We will be happy to share with us your experience and inspire us. Have a great 2020 full with love, joy and new travel destinations!

Your local tour guides,

Beni & Betty

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Welcome to our travel community! Do good and good will come your way…


The town of Vidin via the eyes of Albena Tsankova: local tour guide, storyteller and photographer ©

Today I would like to bring you on a trip off the beaten path. Where are we going? To my home area. The region is Northwestern Bulgaria and more specific the town of Vidin. Put your seat belt and let’s go! We have a lot to see and experience in the countryside of Bulgaria.


To begin with we will go via the parts of the Roman fortress that we still keep today. In I century the town was a Roman fortified settlement with the name Bononia. The coat of arms is with Baba Vida fortress on the top – the last Bulgarian fortress that fell under the Ottomon domination. Down left there is a vine as we are a wine region famous with the local Gamza red wine. Bottom right there is a fish as the town is on Danube river.

Let’s indulge in history, remember we are in Roman time, I century AD.


Vidin art

Next we will see the Sea garden and the Art gallery. Here there are no crowds of tourists and people rushing to get out of traffic jam. Life is more peaceful and easy going. And yet you could enjoy a day of travel, photos and meeting some locals. I recommend a coffee or another drink by the Danube river.

Vidin Vidin


We will walk along the statue of king Sratsimir, the Bulgarian king of the local kingdom before the fall under Ottoman domination.


Unfortunately there are also buildings in bad condition as the town was pretty prosperous in the past but today there is not much industry left and living standard is lower. It depends on your interests but if you are with a local, I believe Vidin will leave you with warm memories.

See more photos in the gallery  below and let us know if you want to visit this part of Bulgaria together.


Baba Marta (Grandma Marta) is a tradition celebrated in Bulgaria and in some of the neighboring countries. Each year on 1 March we give each other (to your family, friends, colleagues, home, pet etc) a martenitsa, a red and white wrist band or small doll to put on your chest. This way we wish each other good health, joy and long life. The most famous martenitsa is a couple of a boy and a girl called Pizho and Penda. The male Pizho, is made of white wool, while the female Penda is mostly red. According to the tradition you receive martenitsa always as a gift, you don’t buy one for yourself.

Baba MartaWe wear the martenitsa until we see a flying stork,  swallow or a blossoming tree. Then we hand it on the tree and we make a wish. Grandparents say to choose a fruit tree, so the wish comes true. That’s why if you visit Bulgaria in the beginning of March, streets are full of kiosks with red and white martenitsas. Some Bulgarians with many friends or colleagues tend to have more than 10 martenitsas on their wrist. 🙂 It is a challenge to wear them all month long. Later when we hang them you get to see trees with red and white decoration all over the city. It looks like a colorful wishing tree. One of the most famous in Sofia is next to Ivan Vazov National Theater.

Baba MartaAnother symbol of this celebration are the snowdrops. Tender beautiful flowers that pop up even when we have snow in March. Snowdrops appear usually for Baba Marta and tell us “smile, it is warmer, sun is shining and spring is coming soon”.

Baba Marta is a very old tradition that we still keep today. We relate it to the coming spring, new beginning and awakening of nature. Winter usually is pretty cold in Bulgaria and we have a lot of snow. Very often it is a challenge even for locals. So we celebrate and welcome spring with happy warm hearts.

Martenitsa’s colors have their meaning. White of purity and red of life and passion, of the constant cycle of life and death, the balance of good and evil, and the sorrow and happiness in human life. The Martenitsa symbolizes also Mother Nature, the white symbolizing the purity of the melting white snow and the red setting of the sun, which becomes more and more intense as spring progresses. These two natural resources are the source of life. They are also associated with the male and female beginnings, and in their balance, with the need for balance in life. Baba Marta

Since 2017 martenitsa is on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Don’t be surprised if you travel with us in March when we give you as a present a martenitsa as we do to all our friends and wish you:

“Be healthy and happy all year long!” Beni & Betty

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What would you say about 10 years of traveling? Nvision travel turned 10 on 15 August 2018. It is not easy to share all our experiences and lessons during the last busy, challenging, happy and difficult 10 traveling years but we have some advice, which we believe is important for every small travel business. The support, which we got from our family, friends, travelers (for us you are not just clients), partners, is one of the main pieces of the puzzle to have a tour operator company. Yet here are also 10 lessons from our own experience. We hope they will help you in your journey to your dream job:

1) We are equal. There is no boss in the company. Both partners are responsible, free to take decisions, to share ideas, to express themselves. If one is missing, the company will not be the same, both are equally important for the company and are looking in the same direction. Don’t control people, focus on the process of creating the journey. Everyone can do a mistake but the second one is keeping your back.

2) Love your job and the most difficult day will be just a moment on the way to your dream. You know it is worth it. Enjoy the journey and share the love with your travelers. Inspire them to travel.

3) Know your price. Don’t sell cheap tours and services, because the partners and the clients who are looking for cheap service are not loyal. They will change you at the moment when someone else offers lower price. Respect your knowledge, experience, your time and work, offer the services on fair price, which covers all of them, this way you will find your partners and clients, who will be happy to work and travel with you. At the end of the day you will be happy and satisfied too. Remember nothing is permanent, never stop moving.

4) Talk, talk, talk, discuss every day even the smallest idea or difficulties at the office, be open for the other prospective and you will be stronger together. The different opinions in one company make it possible to grow and develop. Trust each other, believe in each other and that everyone is giving his best at this moment. Thank and say bravo, you did it great to each other. May the positive energy live at the office and the company.

5) Be brave, think years ahead, take risk and just do it, try to make it happen, go even for the craziest ideas, don’t listen what people say, the same people will do it later too, when they see it is working. If it doesn’t work, at least you tried and now you know. Move forward to the next idea. No one is judging you, enjoy the process of creating.

6) The success depends only on you. No one else can help you and no one else can stop you. If you are active, you believe in yourself and your dream, you follow the steps of this journey, you will collect the fruits at one moment. Be patient and never lose faith. Never stop challenging yourself, improve your skills and learn new. Don’t believe you know everything. You can learn from every person something new. Be open for the new in your life and work.

7) When you develop a new product, tour, do it as if you would be traveling, don’t save costs, prepare a real experience, which you will enjoy too. Think how this will make the other people feel too, do it to help them have the best time and enjoy the tour too. Check in advance all services, visit the places, this will help you feel confident and avoid difficulties on the road. Offer experience, which will make the traveler richer and will help him to open his perspective.

8) Care for the customer/traveler. While traveling with him don’t forget it is his tour, think about and ask about his interests. Get to know him better so you can include during the day places which he will enjoy. You serve him or you help him to have a great experience, you are not the director, you are just the assistant of a great day. The main person is the client. Kill your ego and help him always.

9) Make community, open yourself and be you while traveling with the travelers, make friends, keep contact and express your real you, connect with each other, share your experience and be there for each other.

10) Find the balance between work and free time. Don’t forget to have rest, to recharge, to relax, to have fun, to sleep, to spend time with friends and family, to love yourself and always find time for yourself. Without this time you will not be able to give this positive vibe to your travelers during the tours. Stop for a while to continue stronger and full with inspiration on the way to your next destination.

Thank you for joining us on our journey and your kind greetings from all over the world. Thank you for the trust in us. You are the reason for us to be here and move forward, to develop new ideas and to have the energy to keep going.

Благодарим за последните 10 години! Тhank you for the last 10! Join the nvision travellers club.

Let’s walk together and envision the next 10 years of travel in Bulgaria, on the Balkans and around the world.

Beni & Tsveti (Betty)

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