Bulgarian yoghurt

If you ask us what you need to taste in Bulgaria, this is the Bulgarian yoghurt. You can try it with honey, walnuts or home-made jam. All products are local production and will give you energy for the whole day.

The Bulgarian yoghurt is the best in the world. This is thanks to the unique Lactobacillus bulgaricus bacteria, used for its production that can only be found in Bulgaria. The taste is sour and in Bulgarian we call it: кисело мляко (sour milk). According to tradition people prepare it even at home. You need one spoon of yoghurt for 1 l of milk. Mix it and leave it during the night in a warm room. It will be ready for breakfast. You cannot make Bulgarian yoghurt outside Bulgaria. You can follow the same procedures but the result will be different.

Bulgarian yogurt honey

Bulgarian yoghurt is known all over the world for its taste. For us it is part of our daily menu, always present on the table. Bulgarian people use yoghurt to make many dishes. The yoghurt is included into recipes for soups, salads, desserts, garnishes, etc.

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