Bulgarian yoghurt

If you ask us what you need to taste in Bulgaria, this is the Bulgarian yoghurt. You can try it with honey, walnuts or home-made jam. All products are local production and will give you energy for the whole day.

The Bulgarian yoghurt is the best in the world. This is thanks to the unique Lactobacillus bulgaricus bacteria, used for its production that can only be found in Bulgaria. The taste is sour and in Bulgarian we call it: кисело мляко (sour milk). According to the tradition people prepare it even at home. You need one spoon of yoghurt for 1 l milk. Mix it and leave it during the night in a warm room. It will be ready for breakfast. You cannot make Bulgarian yoghurt outside Bulgaria. You can follow the same procedures but the result will be different.

Bulgarian yogurt honey

Bulgarian yoghurt is known all over the world for its taste. For us it is part of our daily menu, always present on the table. Bulgarian people use yoghurt to make many dishes. The yoghurt is included into recipes for soups, salads, desserts, garnishes, etc.

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In Bulgaria you can spend at least 10 days and they will not be enough. All beautiful landmarks and interesting sites are located all over the country. You need to cross mountains and the transportation is not so fast. Per day you can visit not more than 2 – 3 sights. But if you have only the weekend, let us help you with some of the highlights of our country.

1) Buzludzha monument


One of the most famous abandoned buildings in Europe. It was built in 1981 with the money of the people and destroyed after the end of Communism in Bulgaria again by the people. Today it is located on a hill close to the town of Kazanlak and you can see it from outside.

2) Melnik


The smallest town in Bulgaria, Melnik is famous with its red wine and the natural sand pyramids around the town. You can visit Melnik as part of your wine tour in Bulgaria. Near the town is located Rozhen monastery and many private wineries.

3) Plovdiv


The second biggest city in Bulgaria will be the European capital of culture in 2019. The Old town of Plovdiv and Kapana art area are must visit. Enjoy a lunch there and taste some Bulgarian craft beer.

4) Rhodope Mountains


If you have more time, go deep to the South Bulgaria and enjoy a visit and overnight in some local village. The Rhodope Mountains are magical place where you will experience the authentic life of the local people and go back in time to the 19 century. This is one of the places for rural tourism in Bulgaria.

5) Rila monastery


The most famous monastery in Bulgaria is Rila monastery. Built in the 10 century, it still keeps the spirit of all Bulgarians. You can visit the monastery all year long.

6) Rose valley


At the central part of Bulgaria we keep our rose fields. The Bulgarian gold is hidden between two mountains. Each year (end of May – beginning of June) you can take part in the rose festival in Kazanlak and Karlovo area and learn more about the rose oil production in Bulgaria. If you stop in Kazanlak, visit some of the ancient Thracian tombs and learn more about the civilization, which used to live here before Christ.

7) Seven Rila lakes


For the summer we love to go for a day trip to hike to the Seven Rila lakes in Rila mountain. This is a way to recharge our batteries and enjoy the beautiful nature. Once per year all followers of Petar Danov are meeting there. They are dressed in white and are dancing the Panevritmia dance, they connect with the sun and Mother Nature.

8) Sofia


You will not regret, if you choose Sofia for a weekend trip. The city will surprise you with a lot of culture, history, tasty food, cool bars and night clubs. It will be your starting point of a longer trip too.

9) Surva festival


If you visit Bulgaria at the end of January, you can go to Pernik. Each year there is a Surva festival. People are wearing costumes, dancing and trying to scare the bad spirits. The next festival will be 27 – 29.01.2017.

10) Veliko Turnovo


The Old capital of Bulgaria is located on a hill next to Yantra river. Walk in the old town, learn more about the Bulgarian crafts. Visit Tsarevets fortress and if you are lucky, enjoy the Sound and Light show in Veliko Tarnovo.

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