Veliko Tarnovo is the old capital of Bulgaria. The city is beautiful, located on several hills and full of history. Veliko Tarnovo is Bulgarian capital during the Second Bulgarian kingdom, from 12 until 14 c. During this time Bulgaria reaches three seas but in a peaceful way. Our king marries his daughters to kings from neighboring kingdoms. During this time the first Bulgarian coins are made in the area of Veliko Tarnovo. Later in this city Bulgarians call the first Bulgarian Parliament and adopt the first Constitution. And in 1879 the Parliament decides to move the capital from Veliko Tarnovo to Sofia because of safety reasons.


Tsarevets is the most famous landmark of Veliko Tarnovo. This is the name of the hill and the fortress of the Second Bulgarian kingdom. We welcome you to visit together the Bulgarian Great wall. 🙂 There is a movable bridge for protection purposes in front of the main entrance. On this hill was the Palace of our king and head of church. When the Ottomans came, they attacked our capital few months and in the end conquered it. They put everything on fire and destroyed the two palaces. Today there is a new Bulgarian museum church on top of the hill. Also when you reach the top of the hill you will enjoy a lovely panorama view of the city. Hope for nice weather.

There is also special Sound and Light show of Tsarevets fortress. It is organized on national days and also upon requests when tourist group pay for it. Next shows will be on 5,6 and 22 September.

Asen’s monument

Asen’s monument is dedicated to the Bulgarian kings of the Second Bulgarian kingdom. It shows our kings on horses and there is a huge sword in the middle, showing the power of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. The monument last built in the end of communism in Bulgaria. More communist monuments you can find here: nvision travel blog.

Old shopping street of Veliko Tarnovo

If you are looking for a souvenir in Veliko Tarnovo, walk along the old shopping street. There are crafts and souvenir shops for you to enjoy. In Veliko Tarnovo you can buy rose cosmetics: the liquid gold of Bulgaria, i.e. rose oil, rose creams, etc. Further you can buy Bulgarian silver jewellery, herbs, icons, wood-carved souvenirs. You can also have a cup of coffee, prepared on hot sand. Optional lunch, excluded from the price, in a traditional Bulgarian restaurant.

*Customizable services: We could organize a culinary class for you and show you how to make yoghurt and banitsa. We could also visit the local brewery. In either Veliko Tarnovo or Arbanassi we could organize Orthodox Christian church chanting for you upon request.

Arbanassi village

This is an old Bulgarian village about 15 min drive away from Veliko Tarnovo. Here we could visit the Nativity church. Outside it looks like a house but inside it is richly painted. This is how Bulgarian Christian churches looked like during the Ottoman time. If you want to visit an old Bulgarian house, we go to Konstantsalieva house.

Sightseeing and shopping are never enough but we headed off. Sofia is waiting for us! We hope to see you again in Bulgaria.

Duration: 1 – 2-day tour / 470 km
Destination: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Departure location Pick up from your accommodation in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Departure Time 08:30
Arrival Time 20:00 (Drop off at your accommodation)
Transport and parking costs Licensed English/German speaking tour guide
Sightseeing of the Old town of Veliko Tarnovo Optional visit to either Arbanassi village, Saeva dupka cave or Transfiguration monastery
Photos from the tour Mineral water
Not included
lunch entrance fee for Tsarevets fortress: BGN 6 per person; Wax museum: BGN 10; Nativity church in Arbanassi: BGN 6
entrance fee for Saeva dupka cave: BGN 4 per person  The tour could be in Spanish and other languages.
When to visit: all year long
Group size: from 1 up to 6 people
Extra information We can customize the one-day tour to Veliko Tarnovo with an optional visit to either Arbanassi village, Saeva dupka cave or Transfiguration monastery. If we stay for a night in Veliko Tarnovo, we could customize the tour with any of the sites: Dryanovo monastery, Etara open-air museum, Sokolski monastery, Gabrovo town and its Museum of humor and satire.


Additional information

Duration1 day, 2 days
Tour typeCulture, History
Starting pointSofia


8.30 AM

Meeting at your accommodation in Sofia. Departure in direction Veliko Tarnovo. It will take us approx. 3 hours and a half with one stop on the way.

12.00 AM

Visit to the old town of Veliko Tarnovo, located on few hills.

1.30 PM

Free time for lunch. (optional, excluded from the price)

3.00 PM

A walk and time for shopping in the Veliko Tarnovo. You could have a cup of coffee, prepared on hot sand.

5.00 PM

Departure to Sofia. (approx. 3 hour drive).

8.00 PM

Arrival in Sofia and drop off at your accommodation.

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Veliko Tarnovo
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Veliko Tarnovo
Veliko Tarnovo
Veliko Tarnovo
Veliko Tarnovo
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