10 years of traveling / having a company together in Bulgaria


What would you say about 10 years of traveling? Nvision travel turned 10 on 15 August 2018. It is not easy to share all our experiences and lessons during the last busy, challenging, happy and difficult 10 traveling years but we have some advice, which we believe is important for every small travel business. The support, which we got from our family, friends, travelers (for us you are not just clients), partners, is one of the main pieces of the puzzle to have a tour operator company.

Yet here are also 10 lessons from our own experience. We hope they will help you in your journey to your dream job:

1) We are equal. There is no boss in the company. Both partners are responsible, free to take decisions, to share ideas, to express themselves. If one is missing, the company will not be the same, both are equally important for the company and are looking in the same direction. Don’t control people, focus on the process of creating the journey. Everyone can do a mistake but the second one is keeping your back.

2) Love your job and the most difficult day will be just a moment on the way to your dream. You know it is worth it. Enjoy the journey and share the love with your travelers. Inspire them to travel.

3) Know your price. Don’t sell cheap tours and services, because the partners and the clients who are looking for cheap service are not loyal. They will change you at the moment when someone else offers lower price. Respect your knowledge, experience, your time and work, offer the services on fair price, which covers all of them, this way you will find your partners and clients, who will be happy to work and travel with you. At the end of the day you will be happy and satisfied too. Remember nothing is permanent, never stop moving.

4) Talk, talk, talk, discuss every day even the smallest idea or difficulties at the office, be open for the other prospective and you will be stronger together. The different opinions in one company make it possible to grow and develop. Trust each other, believe in each other and that everyone is giving his best at this moment. Thank and say bravo, you did it great to each other. May the positive energy live at the office and the company.

5) Be brave, think years ahead, take risk and just do it, try to make it happen, go even for the craziest ideas, don’t listen what people say, the same people will do it later too, when they see it is working. If it doesn’t work, at least you tried and now you know. Move forward to the next idea. No one is judging you, enjoy the process of creating.

6) The success depends only on you. No one else can help you and no one else can stop you. If you are active, you believe in yourself and your dream, you follow the steps of this journey, you will collect the fruits at one moment. Be patient and never lose faith. Never stop challenging yourself, improve your skills and learn new. Don’t believe you know everything. You can learn from every person something new. Be open for the new in your life and work.

7) When you develop a new product, tour, do it as if you would be traveling, don’t save costs, prepare a real experience, which you will enjoy too. Think how this will make the other people feel too, do it to help them have the best time and enjoy the tour too. Check in advance all services, visit the places, this will help you feel confident and avoid difficulties on the road. Offer experience, which will make the traveler richer and will help him to open his perspective.

8) Care for the customer/traveler. While traveling with him don’t forget it is his tour, think about and ask about his interests. Get to know him better so you can include during the day places which he will enjoy. You serve him or you help him to have a great experience, you are not the director, you are just the assistant of a great day. The main person is the client. Kill your ego and help him always.

9) Make community, open yourself and be you while traveling with the travelers, make friends, keep contact and express your real you, connect with each other, share your experience and be there for each other.

10) Find the balance between work and free time. Don’t forget to have rest, to recharge, to relax, to have fun, to sleep, to spend time with friends and family, to love yourself and always find time for yourself. Without this time you will not be able to give this positive vibe to your travelers during the tours. Stop for a while to continue stronger and full with inspiration on the way to your next destination.

Thank you for joining us on our journey and your kind greetings from all over the world. Thank you for the trust in us. You are the reason for us to be here and move forward, to develop new ideas and to have the energy to keep going.

Благодарим за последните 10 години! Тhank you for the last 10! Join the nvision travellers club.

Let’s walk together and envision the next 10 years of travel in Bulgaria, on the Balkans and around the world.

Beni & Tsveti (Betty)



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