Do good and good will come your way

do good

The social initiatives that we support and you as well by booking our tours.

We humans are social beings and in order to be happy it is not enough to take care only of ourselves and our dreams. Being part of the society around us and by helping others, this way we help ourselves to live in a community, where people are happy and enjoy life every day.

Traveling around Bulgaria gives us the opportunity to meet people, to understand their problems and to face reality. Sometimes we help with a smile and a good word, sometimes with financial support or spending our free time to help a cause. Just being there gives the other people the strength to go forward and not give up.

  • We love animals

Our love for the animals comes from our grandfather Tsanko. He took care for his animals with so much love, gave them names and we had the feeling that they are part of the family. Living in an apartment in Sofia we cannot take care of a dog. But we love them and anytime when we have the chance we visit some of the dog shelters to walk/run with these big hearts. The queen at home is our cat Greta, which has more followers on Instagram then us. 🙂 And on the street in front of our entrance door 3 more cats are living. Each weekend you could join with us the walks in Animal Rescue Sofia as volunteers and if you wish, bring some dog treats. And if you stay longer in Bulgaria, you are always welcome to Street Hearts Bulgaria.

      ♥ Animal Rescue Sofia             ♥ Street Hearts Bulgaria near Dryanovo

do good

  • Do good to Kids and Orphans

Nearby Sofia there is the home of hieromonk Yoan. When we visited the place with tourists last year I found out he is also from our hometown Vidin. In the name of God he gave pledge to build an orphanage and to care for children. As of November 2016, in the houses in Novi han village and Yakimovo village there are 310 people living – 170 of which are children (from babies born here to children up to 18). The little children go to kindergarten and the older children go to school at Novi Han and Yakimovo – up to 8th class, Sofia city (the high schools) and in the Sofia Seminary.  Mothers in the home take care of the babies.

More you can learn from this website and support them too: St Nicaolas Orphanage & St Trinity Monastery.

In Bulgaria there are many children and families who need help and support. This topic is very long and we hope more and more people will be interested in providing better future for all children no matter of their ethnic group or religion. Because love doesn’t divide the souls. We are one.

do good

  • Teenovator: share your business experience with students

Since 2018 there is a project in Bulgaria to help the students to be entrepreneurs. The students from 10 and 11 grade are working with mentors who have experience in own private business and at the end they pitch their idea for own business in front of investors. There is moment in our life when we want to share all our skills and experience with the younger ones. We can imagine if we could be part of such project when we were in high school. Maybe this will motivate them to go in the direction they want and not what the parents and the society say. So Betty is part of Teenovator during the second year in Bulgaria 2019/2020 and is meeting once per week the students from 119 school in Sofia. And she is learning from them too. The energy which they give her motivates her too. You can follow the project here. If you want to support the project, you can do it here.

do good

  • Read more books

At home we don’t have television. This is on purpose. We use our laptop and mobile phones to watch and read what we are interested in. But we try to avoid the negative propaganda in the news which are spreading fear and not love and hope. Instead next to our bed we always have a book, even more then one. At the moment Betty is reading one for a trip in India (a real story) and Beni is fan of Agatha Christie. This is our escape from reality but also our way to develop our imagination, to widen our point of you and think outside the box, to learn something new.

Read, read, read.

do good

  • My traveling soul – traveling inside and meet your true self

Last year parallel with all trips to different destinations Betty is enjoying the most important one – self-knowledge. It started in 2012 and still continues. But since 2019 she is meeting small groups and is sharing her story, her personal experience with others to give them strength that they can do it too. This trip of transformation is very individual and every one of us chooses different lessons and experiences in life but the direction is one – to live with love and to give love and the best of us to the others. On this journey our guide is our intuition which helps us to live in harmony within and all around us. Just believe in yourself!

Have you ever thought about who you are? What you want to do and why? Why these people are in your life? There is no coincidence.

Bulgaria is a spiritual destination too. There are many places with pure energy which people believe can help you find peace and love in yourself, can heal your soul. There are a lot of phenomena, spiritual teachers born in Bulgaria too. Our mountains are mystical places where you can feel pure energy and connect with your highest self and listen to your intuition.

If you are interested in a customized trip: “My traveling soul” just send us an email: We will be happy to guide you. On this trip you cannot plan everything. The Universe will send us the right people to meet while traveling in Bulgaria. Just enjoy and believe that you are on the right place with the right people!

do good

  • Bulgarian artists and culture

When you contact us to customize your trip in Bulgaria we are always asking if you are interested in visiting Sofia opera and ballet or other cultural events during your stay. To be an artist in Bulgaria is not easy but we have many very talented ones. Some of them are worldwide known. Bulgaria has tradition in opera singing and if you visit Milan Scala you can see the portraits of the best Bulgarian singers who worked and performed there. It is always inspiration to feel the energy of such talents and enjoy the life performance. There are English subtitles for all performances in the National Opera and Ballet. In summertime they organize the events in the open air and the locations are some of the hidden gem destinations in Bulgaria – like Belogradchik fortress and Magura cave.

do good

What are your social causes which you support? We will be happy to share with us your experience and inspire us. Have a great 2020 full with love, joy and new travel destinations!

Your local tour guides,

Beni & Betty

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